1. Next week - MIVW Event!


  2. On trips like this beer wouldn’t be a good idea. Drinking it instead of whiskey would turn any road trip to a motorway toilet facilities audit, unless you have a steel bladder or fancy a big nappy. We were about to arrive in Holyhead and bladders had to be prepared for a few hundred kilometers of driving across the UK. In jacks, while watching the gold stream of digested Jack I heard an intriguing sound in the cabin beside. The machine has dropped the winnings! And it wasn’t what you’d expect to be dropped in a toilet cabin. I looked at the ground and saw dark toned hands collecting the dropped loot. Jackpot! Handfuls of sugar and salt packets nicked from the bar. He was the winner!

    Read the first part of #24hLeBags 2014 coverage here: http://www.stancesyndicate.com/2014/24hlebags-2014-port-boat-sea-liquids/


  3. 7th Wolfsgruppe VAG Event - Jetta Mk2 taking off home at Turbokurve am Żerkówsee


  4. How about Kosa’s perfect Mk2 GTI wearing custom 3-piece CLI’s? Much love!


  5. A perfect Passat B3 on custom Sebring’s - MIVW 2013


  6. FSO Polonez x Pontiac Wheels - StanceSyndicate’s Favourite Car of the Show - Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2014


  7. And now for something completely different - #AE86 at Euro JDM Eire Meet


  8. Stee’s Jap Spec VW Golf Mk3 GTI - shot on medium format Fuji Reala 100


  9. Baran’s BMW E28 - ‪#‎WörtherseeTour2014


  10. Baran’s BMW E28 - ‪#‎WörtherseeTour2014

    More photos: http://on.fb.me/1pEYv92