1. How about a custom 2 door Fiat 125p R32 with such an attention to details that hasn’t been seen on the scene yet? Check out the full gallery here: on.fb.me/QpVJoQ

    Wolfsgruppe BBQ - StanceSyndicate’s Favourite Car of the Show - Fiat 125p R32


  2. Wolfsgruppe BBQ


  3. Wolfsgruppe BBQ


  4. One more shot from last weekend’s Wolfsgruppe BBQ.


  5. Wolfsgruppe BBQ. More pics soon.


  6. Dubshed 2014


  7. Kosa’s VW Golf Mk2 GTi 2.3 V5 Turbo running fresh custom made CLI’s! Pure Mk2 porn! Check out full gallery from this Work in Progress build here: on.fb.me/1o4Lq8V


  8. Send your prayers to the VR God! A few more pics of Kosa’s 2.3 V5 Turbo mk2 Golf coming soon!


  9. Dubshed is coming!


  10. A random snap from VAGE 2013