1. She’s sexy as hell, she’s dripping wet… and this gorgeous face and innocent look… Hi. I love you! 😍❤😍😝😍❤😍


  2. An absolute perfection, simply stunning Audi 80 B1 - a dig out from the archives - VAGE 2011


  3. Denise’s bagged VW Golf Mk5 - GTINI Titanic Dubs 2012


  4. They say it’s #WheelWednesday today… here’s a simple yet interesting wheel setup - Land Rover OEM wheels on Scirocco Mk3! - shot at GTINI’s Titanic Dubs


  5. Konrad’s Polo 6N and Patryk’s Passat Variant 3BG at 1. Mini-Treffen Festung Cosel O.-S


  6. Some time ago we did a little meeting in my hometown - 1. Mini-Treffen Festung Cosel O.-S


  7. Red BMW E36 at Raceism International Stance Fest in Wrocław, Poland


  8. Opel Vectra B on Jaguar Wheels - Raceism International Stance Fest, Wrocław, Poland


  9. A very nice low-sitting red Audi A3 Sportback - at Titanic Dubs, Belfast


  10. Michał’s champagne US import Mk3 Golf GL at Titanic Dubs, Belfast. 2000 registered Golf Mk3? Pretty rare!